Oh My Sides Hurt............

Ok already love Tina Fey and Steve Carell.....this movie was great and so easy to relate to, and I felt like their characters where a lot like Andrew and I. I think at one point I was almost in tears from laughing so hard. We will have to go again since 30 rock is coming to an end : (

Bike Shop

There is something I have loved lately......and its seeing Ry on the floor. I feel so tired most of the time from these 5 boys but having a baby makes me feel young and I need all the help I can get in that department. But just having him by me and scooting everywhere is so fun to watch. The other day I was making me bed and look over and he is just watching me with that grin. And his little hands moving all the time. I have been calling him Harley because his hands always look like he is reving up his bike......I couldn't resist. We are all loving watching him grow!!

Ry's Room



I got Ry's room done for now. I love the bright colors it suits him so much better!

Movin on....

Ethan is done with preschool and it makes me feel like time is going by way too fast. He was so cute and he even sang all the songs. I love the hand on his chin like he is in deep thought, so cute!
For being the most challenging baby we have had, how could you not just love him with those dimples and all!?! His smile lights up a room and he is all smiles (if I'm holding him)!

Ryan is getting so big!

Ethan has been so attached to Ry. The first thing he does when he wakes up is go to where he is. He is always trying to get him to laugh, and kiss him, maul him....the whole bit. Its so cute to see the bond these two have.

Alex loves to laugh nothing makes him happier! He will force a hard laugh just to get the ball rolling, although he is very good at being two his laugh makes up for it all. You can't help but laugh when you hear him! This is one thing I hope will never change about him. He is a funny kid!

Ya wanna a piece of me...

Cry Me A River!

Ryan has cried since he has been born.....poor guy. He has been the hardest baby we have had and will have. So I'm sure he is here to teach us something and he is so cute all you can do is love him and wear ear plugs!!!

Ahh January.....

This picture is how I feel about January, yuk so gray and cold. I long for warm weather and January is a reminder of months of cold. But on the light side I love this month to start new goals for the year. And its always fun to look back on how the kids have grow. This was a journal entry of Tyson's from last year, I love going back and reading these entries so funny!